About Us


John Caton Associates was founded in July 1997 to develop the supply of consultancy services in strategic planning, capital programme management, quality management and the supply chain. The founder, John Caton, and his colleagues had already been providing these services to many industries since 1986.

Client Base

John Caton Associates has experience of a wide range of client industries; notably railways, aerospace, FMCG, water, telecommunications, health and construction, including their special regulatory environments and the role of central and local government and the European Union.


Oxshott in Surrey provides quick access to the 2 main London airports (Heathrow and Gatwick) and to the UK motorway system and to the Channel Tunnel via the M25 motorway.


John Caton Associates is a small organisation which achieves scale and flexibility through a network (see Organisation and Staffing below).


John Caton Associates represents a network of consultancies. These are individuals, partnerships and small companies with a wide range of skills linked by contract for mutual service. This network has the flexibility to provide a wide range of consultancy services in any combination and at short notice. At the same time the mutual contractual relationships binding the members ensure complete reliability.


The John Caton Associates network has a philosophy of providing only experienced staff. The flexibility of the network enables us to provide sufficient staff of an adequate skill level when they are required. Sample CV’s are available on request.

Common Sense Systems

We won’t lumber you with Big Business systems when Small Business tools are what you need. Perhaps you need some procedural re-thinking or some training, perhaps your everyday office software can be made to do a bigger job. Perhaps you really do need some new off-the-shelf software. Try “Support by the Hour” with CSS as your Support Service Provider. Click here for more information about Common Sense Systems