Supply Chain

From recognising the first twinkle in a Customer’s eye to receiving payment for a satisfactory delivery the Supply Chain process is complex and varies hugely from market to market, customer to customer and product to product.

These are some of the questions which John Caton Associates will help you to answer:-

Bill of Materials

Can we define a product assembly structure with dependent demand or are we in a process industry?

What type of business? Make to stock or make to order?

Works Order Processing
How do we release authority for work?

Materials Requirements Planning
How do we quantify demand , available supplies and the next batch?
First we need to capture the customer requirement and express it in a way which our internal systems can transform into physical reality. Can we supply off the shelf or is design involved?
If technical work is needed we must transform that customer requirement into a made product. How?

Sales Order Entry, Ordering Make
How clear? How easy?

What is the most appropriate method of data collection, e.g. bar code reading, RFID, continuous flow measurement?
And all the time how to record costs and other accounting information?

Purchase Order Processing
Remember the Make or Buy decision. What does the contract allow us to do? What sort of interfaces are practicable with your suppliers?

Accounts Payable
Are we confident in the accuracy of our records?

Inventory Control
What is the holding policy? Have we got enough?

Moving to store
Maybe we don’t! What sort of data collection medium is appropriate?

Holding in store
What can happen to the product? Is our Change Control procedure a help or a hindrance?

Withdrawing from store and despatching
Are we secure? How do we recognise the appropriate transport medium?

Moving product to the customer, achieving acceptance
Transport, logistics, handling losses, recognising receipt. How?

Sales Invoicing and Analysis
How and when do we recognise delivery?

Achieving payment
What sort of interfaces do we have with our client?

Accounts Receivable
Integrity – how can we be confident in data accuracy?

What do we need to know? Where?

And the computer systems to do it.

And the strategic interfaces!
Strategic Planning – the interface with the Supply Chain
Capital Programme Management - the interface with the Supply Chain
Quality Management – quality control points, how?

John Caton Associates will help you take control.

We have experience of a wide range of client industries; notably FMCG, aerospace, railways, water, telecommunications, and construction, including their special regulatory environments and the role of central and local government and the European Union.